PM10 – SAP PM training – Plant maintenance in SAP basic course


PM20 – SAP PM Module – Plant Maintenance Controlling


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PM30 – SAP PM training – Spare parts and stocks in the maintenance module


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The content of PM10 training / course:

SAP PM training offer (Plant Maintenance SAP training) – Maintenance management for users and key users of SAP basic course. From the SAP specialist training company ITICA.

We also focus on Industry 4.0 Plant Maintenance principles: ITICA implements CMMS software Productoo connected to SAP, compliant with Industry 4.0 principles.

Basic principles of PM module

  • Organizational PM units
  • Master Data
  • Maintenance of specific organizational units (Work Centers, Cost centers etc.)

Functional Locations and Equipments

  • Maintenance jobs creation in company
  • The creation of machines and buildings maintenance (equipments)

Plant Maintenance transactions

  • Transactions for Notifications
  • Transactions for Maintenance orders
  • Transactions for Confirmation
  • Transactions for Task lists
  • Transactions for Maintenance planning
  • Transactions for Maintenance implementation

Spare parts

  • Spare parts master data
  • Spare parts ordering
  • Spare parts evidence and delivery

Introduction to PM Controlling

  • Evaluation of maintenance
  • Surveillance transactions
  • Connection to CO and MM module

You can learn more about PM Controlling in PM20 – Plant Maintenance Controlling course.

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