SAP support and solution


  • SAP support: telephone or email support, requirement solution
  • SAP training: training of SAP users
  • SAP system cutomization: support in system setup and testing system functionality
  • SAP system & user development: support of daily operations and system development according
    to customer requirements

Before we provide support, we recommend performing an initial analysis of the current SAP settings with a focus on the processes that will be supported. The analysis is carried out in the form of a consultation with Key Users.

What you get – results of the initial analysis:

  • Customized training – we design customized training for you to improve users’ work in SAP
  • More efficient use of SAP system – we recommend more efficient use of the SAP system in the context of the current setting or a possible customization of processes in order to make the use of SAP more optimized and efficient.
  • Recommendation of new functions – we suggest further extensions and new features for you.



Support for deploying SAP in subsidiary companies.

  • User support and training, appropriate documentation
  • Common system support, optimizing current status, implementation of new projects
  • SAP audit



Hereby we identify and compare current SAP settings.

We focus mainly on these areas:

  • Check the data cleannes in SAP
  • System setup level (Customization)
  • Scope, clarity and usability of SAP documentation
  • Assessment of knowledge level of key users